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Illustrations From the Fifties







It was a delight to discover, some years back, that I had been included in the book The Illustrator in America (a visual reference work detailing the history of modern American illustration from 1860-2000). It was also a delight to discover, some years back, that I had been included in the blog, "Today's Inspiration"—the blog of Leif Peng (cartoonist, illustrator, and authority on illustrators and cartoonists of the mid-twentieth century ("An Original Dick Stone",  "Calling Dick Stone",  "Dick Stone, Collier's...and Sickles",  "Dick Stone: "Illustration..."")).






In early 2017, my wife, Barbara, was organizing the basement when she came upon a few old portfolios containing some of the illustrations I had done during my career. Remembering the blogs of Leif Peng, we decided it would be fun to show my illustrations. I hope you enjoy seeing samples of what I did so many years ago.    


The Plaza Hotel   

Paris Café   


Man on Fire Escape   

Townhouse at Sunset   

Townhouse Hazy Morning   

At the Beach   

Painting Positano   

Amusement Park   

Boy at the Seashore   

St. Eustache in Paris   


Man Hanging On   

Paris Park   

The Man in the Raincoat   

She's Back!   

Sailboat Race   

The Portrait   

Heart Still Beating   


The Dispossession   

Terrace Party   

The Meeting   

Santa Claus   

Anchor 8

* all rights reserved in the U.S., Canada, and elsewhere on all illustrations 

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